Why Court Advocacy?

Many of the clients we serve face open criminal cases that await them upon completion of residential treatment. Challenges such as these can become roadblocks to continued sobriety and rebuilding a life of recovery. Phoenix Rising is committed to supporting our clients’ individual needs as they navigate the legal system and clear the path to their future.

Our court advocate meets with the client at regular intervals to create a detailed plan of action, while providing non-judgemental support and holding accountability through weekly one on one sessions. The client’s success at making and meeting goals while remaining sober enables our court advocates to build strong case files that serve as proof to the court that the client is voluntarily engaged in recovery and rebuilding their lives. It is Phoenix Rising’s goal to prove to the court that in most drug-related cases rehabilitation over-incarceration is the most beneficial alternative sentence for all parties involved. 


    What We Provide:

    Initial Assessment

    Initial assessment- measures client’s baseline in order to create an effective treatment plan.

    Weekly Reports

    Weekly progress reports- measures and documents the client’s work and success toward established goals and completion of the master’s needs list.


    Referral for adjunct services- career counseling, housing, trauma therapy, medication assistance.

    Legal Resources

    Navigate the judicial system- working with the client to clean up legal issues to include, fines, reinstate drivers license, community service.

    Legal Help

    Court advocacy-representation in court and working with legal counsel to build a case for rehabilitation over incarceration.

    Phone: 877-MYHOPE1

    Email: Recovery@phoenixrisinginterventions.com